Monday, February 27, 2017


I tore through this book and felt a lot of hope for the future while doing so. While I ideologically disagree with Crispin's view that patriarchy was and is set up and patrolled by men (I think women have equal part in it, though knowledge of this collaboration is often relegated to the subconscious)—I really love this book. Particularly, I appreciate Crispin's ability to invite her readers to stop engaging in empty, self-congratulatory, superficial (and frankly embarrassing) pink-pussy-hat politics, which, in my opinion, only serve to reify capitalism. Ideologically, I hold the personal belief that we are at a point where men and women need to create a new form of humanism together, and leave the project of feminism to the past (Crispin does not favor this angle, to put it mildly). But despite my ideological differences with this writer (and my disapproval of some of her my-way-or-the-highway critiques, which can smack of a shadow-y bullying insecurity or immaturity), I deeply appreciate the level of pure, original thought she brings to this short and well-written book. Her analyses of outrage culture and what I (and Anna Freud) would term as "identifying with the aggressor" are both particularly astute. I'm always thrilled when a new perspective like this pushes through the cement cracks and enters the populist discourse, because it usually signals a change in tide. Thank god!!!!!