Friday, February 28, 2014


THIS IMAGE is now sold at the bookstore at LACMA in Los Angeles.
THIS IMAGE is one of the texts included in "Thanks for Writing," curated by Mariam Rahmani at 601Artspace in New York.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Art in America print review/Reinhard Mucha

The last time Düsseldorf-based Reinhard Mucha had a solo exhibition in New York was in 1998, although he shows more often in Europe. His sculptural installations—rigorously designed and built with the exactitude of an artisan, from materials including found wood, vitrines and railway detritus—always depend heavily on the symbolic. Tellingly, the artist has called the footstool, an object that turns up frequently in his work, "a metaphor illustrating the burden of being an artist." In a 2009 discussion with Helga Meister in Kunstforum International, quoted in English in the literary magazine Cura, he explains: "In the hierarchy of service furniture the footstool is at the bottom. Below there is only the wedge for the front door. This matches approximately the service I am offering as an artist." Mucha's devotion to craftsmanship and aged objects—coupled with his refusal to conform to the contemporary exaltation of ever newer technologies—makes it clear that, for him, eminence exists in that which is most humble. 
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