Monday, November 18, 2013

Art in America online/Dotty Attie


Behind the elegant appearance of New Jersey-born painter Dotty Attie, there lurks something less genteel—as evidenced by the skull-and-crossbones earring that hangs from her right earlobe. Attie will show a new body of work, her first in four years, at P.P.OW. Titled "The Lone Ranger" (Nov. 21-Dec. 21), the show comprises five works, each composed of a number of 6-by-6-inch oil paintings in gridded formations. Each small painting proposes a playful, delicately rendered riff on the idea of concealed identity. "All of my work is about our hidden selves, the part of us we don't want to share with others," said Attie, who spoke to A.i.A. recently at her East 22nd Street studio.