Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art in America online/Jesper Just

Meet Me Someplace Else: Jesper Just at the Venice Biennale

By inviting individual artists to represent their native countries, the Venice Biennale presents a curious challenge to contemporary artists. How does an artist who exhibits and makes work in a globalized world adequately represent one relatively small nation? For Danish-born, New York-based Jesper Just, the answer lay in the challenge imposed by the Biennale. "I was very delighted to represent Denmark, but the idea of representing a country is a very strange concept," said Just, speaking to A.i.A. from the Danish Pavilion in Venice, "so I tried to think about how to put that in play."

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Art in America print review/Trevor Paglen


Do endless grids of Google images accurately describe our existence? And if so, will aliens like them? For his project "The Last Pictures" (2012), Trevor Paglen selected 100 images to represent our contemporary world. Teaming up with MIT, the artist had these images etched onto a silicon disc that was enclosed in a gold-plated aluminum container and sent into orbit on a satellite last fall.