Friday, November 16, 2012

Art in America online/Martin Beck

Long Way Home: Martin Beck at 47 Canal

With "Presentation," New York-based Austrian artist Martin Beck's first show at 47 Canal [through Nov. 18], the artist re-imagines the mid-century commune. "All these archival commune images are of barely clothed younger people in nature—I mean, what's not to like?" laughed Beck. "But for this project, I wanted to leave the images out of it, and construct an image that doesn't use that archival material." The artist uses the Drop City commune, which formed in Colorado in 1965 and dissolved in the early ‘70s, to consider the structural arrangements of planned communities.
VIEW SLIDESHOW   Directions, 2010 vinyl text dimensions variable edition of 3 ;   We dismantle abandoned bridges..., 2012 chromogenic color print 26.67 x 40 in/ 67.7 x 101.6 cm edition of 4 ;