Thursday, August 2, 2012

Art in America online/Mark Flood

More Than Lace: Mark Flood at Luxembourg & Dayan

Texas artist Mark Flood may be best known for his lace paintings from the early 2000s, the large, multi-hued acrylic pieces that use torn fabric to illusionistic ends. But his expansive retrospective, "The Hateful Years," at Luxembourg and Dayan through Sept. 19, presents those delicately rendered lace works as a fairly profound deviation.

The show includes some 120 pieces of collage, sculpture, music and ephemera, displayed in reverse chronological order (the newest works are the first one encounters, on the first floor). "I didn't want to be ‘the lace painter'," said Flood, 56, who spoke to A.i.A. on the day of the exhibition's opening. "It was an emotional struggle for me to accept that. Lace has a lot of connotations that I was never interested and that I'm still not interested in."
Roger, 1983; Exxon Man, 1979;